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Cyber Security Training for SMEs

There is so much cyber security advice available these days, many people find it hard to know where to start. Some organisations struggle to explain why cyber security is something that all staff should care about. Even larger organisations (with dedicated training resources) find it difficult to explain the technical aspects of cyber security in ways that are relevant to their staff, so that they can help keep their organisations (and themselves) safe from cyber attack.

Equally, many SMEs and charities may not have the resources to put any cyber security policies and training in place at all, leaving staff exposed as their frontline defence against cyber attacks.

All businesses can benefit from understanding and keeping up to date with cyber threats and online fraud. The Government has worked with leading industry partners to develop free e-learning courses to deploy to your staff to help them understand online threats and how to protect business data, money and reputation.

Why not get your teams to work through the modules to raise their awareness?

You can find out more about the training here:
Cyber Security Training for SMEs

Or access the training here:

Training Course for staff

If you’d like to implement an ongoing Cyber Security strategy across your business, with regular assessments, testing and training for your teams, get in touch with Sprint for more information by clicking here.

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