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Advantages Small Businesses Have Over Large Corporations

There are some advantages that give small businesses the competitive edge over large corporate entities. Some experiences that more niche businesses can offer, large chains fail at. Let’s discuss the advantages of choosing a small company over a large corporate next time you’re in the market for business technology solutions.

Custom Approach

Small businesses can offer a more personalised and customised service. With large businesses, there is often a “one size fits all” mentality. Small businesses can take the time to get to know the potential customer, evaluating their needs and developing a solution that is perfect for the customer.


Big-name companies often need to focus on consistency, whether it is internal with staff or external to customers. Approval processes can take a lot of time in a large organisation. Small businesses can be more flexible in how they deal with customers. They can add the personal touch both internally and externally.


Small businesses can win through creativity. The larger the business the longer the approval and response process. A small company can react faster and build creative solutions.


Business is all about people, and small businesses have the advantage of knowing each and every client really well. They have the ability to be flexible and adapt to customers’ needs, including more easily introducing new services and products depending on the client’s needs.


The advantage that smaller businesses have over larger companies is their ability to connect one-on-one with their clients. These connections are always deeper in nature than those from larger companies. Having the right people communicating to clients provides a personal touch that large corporations simply cannot match. This one-to-one contact is always valued by customers and enables their needs to be heard and met.

Unbiased Approach

Smaller companies can be unbiased with suppliers and providers. For example, at Sprint we have relationships with all of the biggest mobile networks and suppliers in the UK mobile market. This means Sprint can offer you unparalleled options and bespoke solutions. When using us for IT support we can choose the best software to suit your business needs.

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