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What is MiFi? 4G/5G Mobile Wi-Fi Devices Explained

A MiFi or mobile Wi-Fi device is a small, pocket-sized gadget, that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot you can use to get online.

Mobile Wi-Fi devices have a small rechargeable battery, and typically have a 4-8 hour battery life. This means, unlike a normal broadband router, they don’t need to be plugged in all the time.

MiFi devices use the 3G, 4G, or 5G network to create a hotspot, meaning they can be used when travelling, including abroad if you have roaming enabled. This is similar to how your mobile phone’s hotspot works, in that MiFi creates an ad hoc wireless network that multiple devices can use to connect to the internet.

MiFi is essentially a portable, easy way to get online, without having to use your home broadband or public Wi-Fi.


There are a number of benefits of MiFi dongles, and reasons why people use them to get online. Here are some benefits to discuss with potential mobile broadband clients:

  • MiFi devices use airborne network coverage, as opposed to the public WiFi signals that are shared with everyone. Public WiFi signals present a security risk, because hackers and identity thieves often use them to extract private information from other users in the network. With MiFi, your network is your own, and nobody accesses it without your permission.
  • MiFi is very portable. You can move your mobile Wi-Fi device anywhere you like, and still create an ad hoc internet connection, provided you can get a 3G or 4G signal. This means that they’re very useful when travelling.
  • MiFi allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet at once. Depending on the MiFi product you choose, you should be able to connect at least 10, and up to 64 laptops, phones, iPads and games consoles to the mobile broadband hotspot it creates. This is the main advantage of MiFi when compared to USB dongles, which can typically only provide an internet connection for one device at once.
  • MiFi does not rely on your fixed-line broadband infrastructure. This means you may be able to get faster speeds with MiFi compared to Wi-Fi, even when using 4G, if your home broadband is very slow.
  • MiFi is generally quite inexpensive, especially when compared to traditional broadband deals.

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