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Management and Analysis of your assets and fleet

We’re passionate about finding solutions to add value to your business. A platform that provides analytics that show you not just how your fleet behaves, but one that enables you to transform the data into actionable intelligence.

You can be assured of a personal, tailored solution for you and your business.


Sprint Telematics provides a comprehensive range of asset and fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries across the UK. We make use of our world class software platform and specialised hardware technology to effectively analyse and monitor your assets and fleet.

Complete more jobs in fewer hours and miles with real-time visibility into vehicle location, live traffic data and route analytics and adapt on the go, by remotely re-routing vehicles and sending messages to drivers through the Sprint Telematics dashboard.

Once we have tailored the platform around your requirements and deployed it in your business, your data monitoring will be automated and optimised, naturally decreasing inefficiencies and enhancing productivity.

Telematics Solutions

Transport (2)

Asset Tracking

Monitor your assets remotely with our state of the art tracking and monitoring software and tracking hardware. Monitor sensors and loads, reduce costs and risk on your mobile assets.

We provide a comprehensive suite of cost-effective, real-time coverage solutions for tracking trucks, trailers, vans, containers, railcars, cargo and much more, using a powerful combination of the most advanced GPS fleet tracking systems and features available including:
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Report vital intelligence about your mobile assets
  • Messaging
With our expert help and advice, choose the tracking device that best suits your business needs.
Start tracking your assets wherever they are in the world, using our best in class management platform.
Reduce your operating costs, by analysing the intelligence reports generated from the platform highlighting where savings can be made.

Sprint Easy Wire

Tracking your vehicles and assets have never been easier! Sprint Easy Wire is a small, smart and waterproof GNSS Special Tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and an internal backup battery.

As the name suggests, it's really easy to connect with just two wires. It has a solid waterproof case, built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors give extremely accurate crash trace functionality, making it perfect for insurance market solutions. 
Features at a glance:
  • Device can work without an external power source
  • Crash detection functionality working according to accelerometer data
  • Bluetooth for external devices and low-energy sensors
  • Built-in accelerometer for accurate crash trace data
  • Live tracking, 24/7 from any global location
  • View from desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Run detailed reports on a host of fleet management information
  • Lower costs by utilising your fleet more efficiently, reduce unauthorised usage and excess idling
  • Increase profits by producing accurate time sheets, eliminate inflated overtime claims and save on your annual fuel spend

Download the Sprint Easy Wire brochure


Sprint Plug 'n' Go

With Sprint Plug 'n' Go, you have a vehicle tracking system that's really easy to install and even simpler to manage, so you can keep everyone on track and your assets moving.

Sprint Plug 'n' Go is an ultra-small OBD11 Plug and tracking device with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity for a true connected car application.

It is a perfect tracker for a wide range of use cases including; fleet management of light commercial vehicles, driver log-book, insurance telematics (UBI), car / van rental, leasing and more.

The Plug supports crash detection functionality that allows the user to be notified when a car crash happens. By using the accelerometer data received during the crash, it is possible to visualise the angle and measure the force with which the vehicle was hit. This could prove
to be useful in insurance Telematics solutions. The device supports various Bluetooth low energy sensors, beacons, hands-free headsets, firmware and configuration updates via Bluetooth.

Features at a glance:

  • Great choice for a practical OBD solution
  • Simple plug and play installation with no tools needed. Plug in and start tracking!
  • Manage your fleet through an online portal on desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Protect your assets
  • Keep your costs down and your customers happy
  • Work smarter

Download the Sprint Plug 'n' Go brochure.


Sprint Aware

Sprint Aware driver fatigue and distraction monitor system uses patented pupil identification technology to detect driver fatigue and distraction and to alert the drive and the fleet manager.

The system uses automotive-grade image sensors to capture infrared images of the driver and a high-speed digital processor to analyse and identify if they have lost attention, either due to drowsiness or distraction.
It's advanced non-contract mode and sophisticated algorithm allows the device to understand the state of the drivers in real world conditions, including full sunshine and if the driver is wearing sunglasses and issue and early warning when fatigue occurs to help protect the driver and the vehicle.
Features at a glance:
  • Driver fatigue alarm
  • Driver distraction alarm
  • Speed alarm
  • Driver fatigue signals output
  • Vibration cushion alarm
  • Driver fatigue video output

Download the Sprint Aware brochure

Watch the Sprint Aware video 

Camera 360

360 Camera and Sensors

Sprint 360 is everything that you need for the safety of your fleet and employees. The four camera solutions has an in-cab monitor, side scan and object detection, assisted by visual and audible warnings.

High definition in-vehicle CCTV recording for up to four cameras provides fleet operators with an effective way to monitor and manage their remote assets whilst in the field.

In the event of an incident and / or allegation, the HD recording system will aid in the investigation process whilst reducing potential cost and exposure, as the CCTV delivers actual video footage in the event of a claim. The in-cab camera also encourages safer more fuel efficient driving, monitoring driving behaviours and enhancing the overall safety and security for the driver, the fleet operator and other road users.

Features at a glance:

  • Built-in 3-axis G-Sensor
  • Real-time 360' view of interior and exterior
  • Flexible power storage
  • Slim and compact
  • Fully automated operation
  • Up to 5 megapixel recording supported
  • Dual record mode (continuous and event)
  • Alarm input triggers for advanced event recording
  • Various camera options available
  • Optional audio recording

Download the Sprint 360 brochure.

Sprint Telematics Platform

Telematics platform

Our platform provides you with a versatile and easy to use User Interface, improving your fleet management capability and designed to increase efficiencies in your operation.

We partnered with Key Telematics to bring the best in class platform to manage your fleet.

The platform ensures that you can access vehicle-operating data from multiple devices, such as a mobile phone, a work computer or personal laptop. The SaaS platform delivers customisable dashboards, powerful alert and reporting function, integrated with fuel card data, providing full control over fleet operations. The API (Application Programming Interface) provides further flexibility on building custom features and integration with third-party solutions.

The analytics dashboard gives you a functional visual display of your fleet and operational information that is easily tailored to your preference. Its adjustable layout displays over various timespans and allows insight in real time into speeding and idling as well as zone and alert type information over specified periods, provide invaluable data for management decision making.

In developing the platform, we talked to our customers who said that they could benefit from more features around vehicle speed. So we developed Speed Bands which allows the logging of time and distance spent speeding giving you meaningful insight into speeding triggers.


Sprint Telematics solutions are used across multiple industries and business sectors, from management of all static and moveable assets, through to the innovative use of telemetry data to improve visibility and reduce the costs.


Use telematics for lower operating costs, water consumption and use sensor data to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilisation and water usage.


Rapid and efficient turnaround at warehouses and delivery locations means less wasted time and reduced overtime. Improve driver safety by immediately notifying dispatch in case of emergency with integrated panic button.

Passenger Transport

Analytics to effectively manage driver behaviour. Intelligently scores drivers and supports driver incentives and penalties for low driver scores.

Fleet Management

Providing advanced communication systems for the control and management of your remote assets, using reliable and cost-effective satellite communication systems.

Private Vehicle Tracking

State of the art vehicle tracking and monitoring. Comprehensive and cost effective, real-time coverage solutions for tracking private vehicles, trucks, trailers, cargo, security and more.

Marine and Aviation

Provides critical near real-time vessel monitoring, ocean buoy tracking and data service for commercial fishing boats and merchant fleets.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Rugged devices and solutions are used to remotely monitor systems, sensors, equipment, pipelines and more, for secure and efficient manufacturing and industrial applications.

Why choose Sprint Telematics?

If you need some more information to convince you that a move to Sprint Telematics is the right choice for your fleet management and vehicle tracking, then here’s ten more reasons for you to consider.


1 Simplicity


Telematics, Telemetry, Tracking, M2M (machine to machine) and Fleet or Asset Management are some of the latest buzz words and acronyms used to describe what we do. However, we believe that the success in any system is the way in which it is presented to the end user.

Sprint Telematics have developed the system using the latest technology providing a sophisticated feature set designed to assist you in tracking and managing your work force. Whilst the business of telematics is technically complex, Sprint take care of these technologies and present them in an easy to use web based format. To assist you further, we provide online video tutorials and a downloadable user guide to assist you in taking full advantage of the system features.


2 Live Tracking


For many users, it is important to view the location of more than one vehicle simultaneously to ascertain distances and drive times from variable locations. Our live web based on-line monitoring system will display all vehicles in real time on a map whereby each vehicle location may be zoomed in to at street level to show more detail in respect of the surrounding areas. Similarly, you can enter a post code to search and pin point an area on the map which will also display the proximity of the other vehicles. This search facility provides an indication as to the distances and times from the nearest vehicles to assist them in managing their fleet.


3 Historical reporting


As important as the live tracking is the ability to view the history of each vehicle. As standard, a graphical “snail trail” of each vehicle journey can be displayed on the map. Each journey start and stop is displayed with a green (start) and a red (stop) circular icon on each journey. The “snail trail” between these icons will in turn display the route taken whereby further indication such as speed and altitude will be shown in single mouse click. Our “Fleet Pro” version is also equipped to present this historical information as a printable report which may also be exported to a 3rd party application such as Microsoft Excel. The report will also show vehicle idle times to indicate how long the engine has been running whilst the vehicle was stationary


4 Google Steet


Integration with Google’s photographic aerial and street View has become an important part of our on-line monitoring platform. We recognise that Google are the world’s premier provider of photographic mapping technology which is fully viewable from our on-line monitoring system. A photographic aerial view is available from both the live and historical areas which can in turn zoom in to display a street level view where available. Google’s aerial and street views are constantly being updated region by region and can be used to give a better indication as to the vehicle’s surroundings. The vehicle location can then be easily emailed to another party who can view the location on-line in Google Maps.


5 Speed


Erratic driver behaviour in terms of excessive speeding, has become an issue for many organisations small and large. The online monitoring system provides valuable information relating to the vehicle speed in the graphical and historical reporting areas together with the current live vehicle location. Zooming in on the historical “snail trail” will reveal directional arrows which when selected, indicates the speed of travel and can be broken down in to different sections with colours displaying potential speeding zones. This makes it easy to as certain if the vehicle has been speeding which may as a consequence, compromise road safety and additional wear to the vehicle in addition to an adverse effect on fuel economy. This information is also downloadable as a printable report which can be presented to the driver to assist in improving their driving behaviour.


6 Geofence


A Geofence is a defined region or area pre-set by the user on the monitoring system to activate an alarm when a specific vehicle enters or exits the zone. When this alarm is activated, an email is automatically sent to the user displaying information on entry or exit including the location which is viewable in Google Maps in a single mouse click – even from a smart phone! A Geofence can be also generated as a theft deterrent to automatically alert you by email, when the vehicle is moved from its usual location. Motion sensors in the Sprint Telematics device, will also trigger the alarm if the vehicle is lifted to a trailer and stolen without the ignition key. Multiple Geofences can be set on each vehicle providing multiple alerts so you can always 6 be assured of being kept up to date of the location of your workforce.


7 Lone worker


Being the legal responsibility of the employer to provide a duty of care to its workforce, Sprint Telematics have the perfect solution for a lone worker environment. Similar in size and appearance to a small mobile phone, our Venture 2 handset may be programmed to trigger alarms to a central point so that appropriate emergency action may be taken. Alarms may be automatically generated to alert if the handset is dropped to indicate a “Man Down” scenario or configured with a panic button to signal where assistance is required. The Venture 2 Lone Worker solution also provides all of the features similar to that of the vehicle tracking solution in terms of location and historic reporting. The online monitoring system will also provide the ability to send instant messages to the Venture handsets whereby the lone worker may respond with 2 pre-set alternative answers.


8 Flexibility


Recent years have seen many changes in service providers in the field of tracking. With much hardware becoming redundant as solutions evolve with technology, Sprint have taken steps to ensure that the hardware we supply is that of an “Open Architecture”. Furthermore, Sprint will not impose restrictions on our hardware or lock the device to only operating with our mobile sim card. On the contrary, Sprint will empower your Company with the ability to switch your tracking devices to an alternative provider at any time, should you not be entirely happy with our service or solution. This guarantee is inherent in our commitment to providing our customers with freedom of choice. This facility is rarely offered by other telemetry service providers but our customers may take some assurance in the knowledge that our tracking devices are not restricted and may be easily switched to an alternative mobile sim and/or tracking software provider.


9 Tailored


We all know that most organisations differ in their operation and that to some Companies, one solution does not fit all. Sprint Telematics operates in many different Industry Sectors from nursing to Haulage and from Security to Emergency Services. We can program our telemetry solutions to monitor and report back any variable data from amount of fuel to refrigeration temperature. This information may be programmed to display in the historical reporting section empowering you to monitor pre-set conditions and to trigger alarms where necessary. Our technical surveyors are trained to assess the viability in automating procedures into our on-line monitoring systems at highly competitive rates where the requirement is over and above our standard ordering. Our tailored solutions may be designed to suit your needs and assist you in increasing productivity in your field.


10 Return


Many companies using our platform have experienced a much quicker return on investment than originally indicated. Noticeably, the most immediate savings are likely to be a reduction in fuel costs but for many reasons, our customers have noted a decrease in vehicle usage. It is widely common for a work force in many organisations to operate their vehicle use more diligently knowing that they are being monitored and managed to improve efficiency. Furthermore, many of our customers also experience a saving in time in gaining the ability to track vehicle locations and improve the management of their vehicle destinations. Instances of vehicle theft have also enabled our customers to liaise directly with the police detailing the precise vehicle location so that the vehicle may be more easily recovered thus reducing insurance claims. All these aspects may have a huge positive impact on the return on investment in your tracking system.

We work in partnership with Edge Telematics and we’ve chosen the powerful and sophisticated Key Telematics platform for our customers.

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