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Why should SMEs rely on a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

As a small or medium sized business, you may already outsource some of your business responsibilities. Maybe you hire solicitors to draw up contracts, or accountants to handle your finances, so why not an MSP to manage all your IT needs?

Managed IT services can provide the technical expertise that you need, but at a much lower cost when you compare this with hiring a full-time employee to look after your IT. Contracted IT service providers deliver the same services as an in-house team including recommending, installing and managing all of your business’s IT needs. It can free up time and create more room to focus on growing your business.

What can an MSP provide for a SME?

With the recent transition to cloud-based tools and services that came because of the shift to remote working due to the pandemic, MSPs are perfectly placed to give SMEs the ongoing services and support needed. As your IT advisor we can:

  • Provide recurring services

If you are still paying for your IT services on a break-fix or project-based basis, now might be the best time to move to a recurring services model. Fixed monthly payments makes your business much more predictable. It can save time and money when you measure the true cost vs the investment and it can allow businesses to achieve their technology needs and outcomes faster.

  • Provide backup services

More data in cloud-based tools, means more need for a reliable backup of that data. In their client agreements, Microsoft recommends cloud-to-cloud backup to ensure business-critical cloud data is secure; just because it’s in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s safe from data loss, so a bundled service of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace backup is recommended. Get more information on this from our Saas Backup Infographic: Human Error Happens.

  • Advise on cyber risk

We know it’s not the most interesting of conversations to have, but talking about how robust your business cyber security is, is a must for SMEs. Ransomware and other cyber risks continue to be a reality and no business is immune. MSPs keep up to date with latest threats and can work with you and your employees to combat them with a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Explore our eBook for more information about why it makes sense to outsource your IT and get in touch to talk to us about your requirements. – Should your company outsource IT?

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