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Vodafone vs 02 vs EE vs Three – Who’s wearing the crown for best UK mobile network provider?

The latest report conducted by Business Fibre compares the major mobile networks in the UK in these key areas: price, data roaming, customer satisfaction and 5G. Are you connected to the best?

Having a good, reliable mobile network with good speeds, backed up by fantastic customer service has never been as important for customers as it is now.

The main mobile networks, O2, EE and Vodafone are always competing, with Three the disruptors. Where one network will have great data roaming stats, the other will score higher on pricing but might not do so well with its customer service. So it’s always close at the top of table and comes down to what your business needs as a priority to be able to run efficiently and serve your customers well.

Looking at various highlights from the report, it shows that Vodafone comes out on top as the best overall network. Its roaming locations without extra charge and price for its cheapest SIM-only plans secured the higher scores. Three matches on pricing and star rating, while EE shines on 5G destinations and data roaming.

(Source: https://businessfibre.co.uk/cost-to-connect/)

With the scoring close in most areas, it can be difficult to work out which network might be best for your business. Sprint are independent and as such, we have access to all of the network providers so that we can help you in deciding which network will work best for your business.

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