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Top Tips to Sharpen your Cybersecurity Awareness

1. Be wary of suspicious looking emails
Emails that don’t address you by name, have misspellings, or don’t look professional are often cyberattacks.

2. Always check before clicking
Hover over an email link to verify its actual destination, even if the link comes from a trusted source.

3. Change passwords every 90 days
Changing your passwords on a regular basis decreases the chance that someone stumbles across an old password and uses it to log into your accounts.

4. Don’t forget to log out
Don’t simply close your browser when you exit your online account. Always log out.

5. Create strong passwords
Use a mix of different types of characters such as numbers, symbols, capital letters and lower-case letters to make your passwords harder to crack.

6. Only enter username and password when the connection is secured
If you see the ‘https’ prefix before the site URL, it means that everything is OK. Beware if there is no ‘s’ (of secure) after http!

7. Never ignore an update prompt
When you get notices from software vendors to update your software, do it. Most operating system and browser updates include security patches.


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