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Top Tips for Returning to the Office

Having worked from home for over a year, coming back to the office will be strange, and at first not the easiest transition! One day you’re at home in your pyjamas, getting up a mere 20 minutes before a call, and then the next day you’re back to the commute! There are huge benefits to returning to the office. Human interaction is so important, a structure to our day, and general work productivity.

Here are our top tips to help make getting back to work easier. We hope these tips will help make it easier to return to the daily grind and keep you happy at work.

Communicate with your Team

Communicate with your colleagues and management on how the transition back to the office will work – what measures will be put in place to ensure everyone is as safe as can be? Communication is key, everyone will be on approximately the same page and willing to make some sacrifices on the implementation of particular measures.

Revamp your Work Space

With 12 months of unexpected home office, there’s a huge change you didn’t get a chance to clean your desk before you left the office! You’re probably now being greeted by piles of unopened mail, folders and loose paper. Take a few minutes to clear your desk and creating a space you’re happy to work in. Chuck any junk mail, file, or throw away any documents you don’t need.

Prioritise your Tasks

Rather than working on the first job you see in your inbox, make a conscious effort to prioritise your work. What are the top 3-5 most important tasks you want to accomplish on your first day back in the office?

Take a Break

It may take a couple of days to get back into your old routine, so it’s important to take regular breaks throughout the day. You only have the capacity to focus and be productive for a certain amount of time every day, so make sure to stand up, leave the office to have a walk around and get some fresh air. Take a break from your computer.

Ask for IT Help

We have found with many of our customers that those returning to the office after so long have forgotten how to sign into their desktop or their machine has lots of updates to go through due to not being switched on for a year or more. Your IT team are there to help! If you run into any IT difficulties raise a ticket and get the assistance you need.

Sprint are a well established and experienced Manged Service Provider, with teams of experts in three locations offering IT Support Services in Essex, London, Surrey and wider South East region. We’ll be happy to chat to you about our service offer to manage this crucial part of your business.

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