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The Big BT Switch Off- What’s it all about?

What is happening?

In 2025 BT are switching off their Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) services. A stop-sell of these services is scheduled for 2023. This means connectivity will no longer be supported by traditional telephone lines and businesses will need to switch to a new, single order broadband product. SoGEA was created in response to this shift in usage so that both consumers and businesses alike can buy a broadband connection without the need for a phone line.

Why SoGEA?

At the moment, most businesses connect to the telecoms infrastructure using Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) with broadband then added on top. As a result, Internet service providers (ISPs) then bundle these together as packages by default. However, now most organisations only have this fixed line because it is necessary for their broadband to work. With the advancement and cost-effectiveness of mobile handsets and VoIP and the nationwide roll-out of full-fibre networks, there is less and less requirement for old phone services.

What are the benefits?

Lower costs, greater mobility/scalability, call statistics more easily accessible, changes can be implemented quicker e.g. call routing and diverts.

What is the difference between FTTC and SoGEA?

SOGEA only offers a broadband data service, whereas FTTC gives you data and voice. The hosted phone system runs over your data connection, which can be extremely fast when using SOGEA, allowing you to have telephone services without the need of a telephone line.

2025. That’s years away. Why do we need to think about this now? 

Businesses need to start planning the move now because there could be a lot to do. Remember, it’s not just about calls. They need to review everything they’re connecting to their phone lines. Many businesses have already embraced an all-digital model, moving their communications to the cloud, making calls over the internet and embracing video conferencing.

Need to future-proof your business?

Contact Sprint to discuss your options.

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