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Sprint Tips and Tricks: Data Roaming

1/ Check before you pack. What’s your network supplier’s tariff when travelling outside the EU? Do they work with a roaming data limit?

2/ Fair enough? Thanks to the ‘fair usage’ agreement you can use the full amount of data under your domestic contract when you go to another EU country, and they can only do that if you pay less than €1/GB. However, that’s not a universal metric so see what’s regarded as ‘fair’ by your network before you need it.

3/ Taking a tablet? Then don’t forget that pesky SIM card if it has one. While your phone will receive alerts once you land, iPads and so on work differently and that’s a mistake you won’t make twice.

4/ Know your rights. The Roaming Regulation 2022 ((EU) 2022/612) bans roaming charges (Eurotariff) within the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It caps charges your network operator can impose for phone calls and data services outside of the network’s member state.

5/ Talk to Sprint. With more than 25 years’ experience in meeting our business customers’ needs in terms of business telephony and communications technology, wherever you’re planning to go, this is right up our street.  Our Hosted Telephony (VoiP) and Unified Communications solutions can help you avoid the telecoms trap that ensnared Mr Matheson. Equally, our business mobile service ensures you’re on the right tariff, right across your mobile fleet.

What’s next?

Drop us a message or call. Unless you’re in Morocco, on an old SIM card, of course.

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