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Pack up your troubles? Be Cybersecure Before Your Holiday

These days, when we travel abroad, we often take more than our bucket and spade on the plane; web-enabled devices are as much a suitcase essential as mosquito repellent. This month’s blog looks at making sure we stay digitally secure, wherever we go.  

While many advise a digital detox during precious downtime, that is simply not practical for many people travelling for business or pleasure.  

For many people who own an SME, there is no difference. Leaving the phone can mean a missed opportunity. 

Many airlines prefer e-tickets, and good luck keeping kids amused on a four-hour flight without their tablets and phones. So, the phones come too.  

Phone home 

But when we travel, all our ISP’s digital safeguards and tariffs stay put. And problems can begin before we have even packed our bags.  

The National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre advise that if you bypass the travel agent to create your own holiday package, what you see is not necessarily what you will get.  

With half the world’s population now receiving emails and Security Magazine estimating that 3.4 BN fraud emails are sent every day, you will be lucky to avoid getting an offer on a flight or package that undercuts a rival.  

And with the cost of living on the rise, and small businesses feeling squeezed, the temptation to save money is real and justifiable.  

Scam Dunk 

So, what can you do to prevent your holiday dream becoming a nightmare? Beyond this month’s Tips and Tricks, Sprint can cover you before any problems occur with our Cyber Security and Cyber Essentials Accreditation, while our Back up and Disaster Recovery Solutions, can get you back online if the worst happens.   

Sophos, our CyberSec partner, protect more than half a million businesses and 100 million users globally from active adversaries, ransomware, phishing, malware, and more.  

Next month, we’ll take care of you on your travels, too!  

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