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Cloud on the horizon?

Our January blog explained many of the benefits of cloud migration, including reducing overheads and improving flexibility. But there are challenges, too. So, today, we’ll look at a few barriers to stepping up to the cloud – and how to overcome them.


Industry analysts Gartner, states 83% of all migration projects fail and half these migrations exceed their budget. Migration doesn’t happen with the flick of a switch and complexity equals costs. So, it pays to look at alternative, compromise solutions.

Need software? Don’t want to buy the product outright? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based option that offers just that. A very cost effective for option for SMEs. More here.

Hybrid-Cloud Complexity

It can be problematic if your computing profile is not entirely cloud compatible. With computing, security, storage, and services living on different platforms, the chances of it all dovetailing seamlessly together are not good.

Technology is both the problem and the solution. Deploying cloud management software, increasing automation, and hardening security will all help to join the dots. More here.

Lack of specialist expertise

To many of us, the cloud are still things with rain in them. While there are many cloud specialists out there, finding someone with the right knowledge and skills isn’t easy. And all the time, workloads and dedicated cloud tools are increasing.

If you’re an SME chances are that you don’t need a full cloud ninja, just an IT partner to get you the right cloud presence for your profile, maintain your presence, and troubleshoot. More here.

Network dependency

The transfer of increasingly large volumes of information to, from, and between cloud data servers will squeeze your pipe. Suddenly, boom! Outages threaten your valuable data, and the benefits of cloud computing are lost, too.

Put your network first. Otherwise, you’re building on sand and your project is unlikely to succeed. Indeed, you may suddenly have problems you didn’t previously have. More here.

Cloud solution?

We help businesses achieve their IT goals. Whether you’re a small business or large corporate, we have solutions and service packages to suit your IT support and managed service needs. They include impartial advice and the initiative-taking monitoring that keeps your cloud experience nice and fluffy.

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