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All that post-pandemic home-working put the UK roll-out of full-fibre broadband in overdrive and currently stands at 72% with a view to achieve total coverage by 2030. Hurray! But what about your place, business – and what if they’re the same thing? And do you even want it?

Woah. Do they mean me?

Yes! The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) wants 85% coverage of gigabit-capable broadband by 2025. In theory, nearly 22 million UK homes and businesses can already get it, and a new law announced in January mandated new homes in England must be built to achieve gigabit internet connectivity. But there’s a cost.

Eek. How much?

The £5 billion Project Gigabit will deliver this connectivity to hard-to-reach homes and businesses. It specifically targets homes and businesses not included in broadband suppliers’ plans, reaching parts of the UK that might otherwise miss out on getting the digital connectivity they need.

Full fibre you say?

While developers must install gigabit-ready ducts, chambers, and termination points on their dollar, connection costs are capped at £2,000 per home. While the UK Government believes 98% of UK properties will be fibre-compatible, developers are still obliged to install ‘the fastest-available connection’ for the remaining 2%.

But my landlord…

Ha! There’s a law for them, too. Broadband companies estimate landlords ignore around 40 percent of requests to install connection upgrades. Now, tenants – business or residential – no longer need landowner permission. Installers in England and Wales can seek access rights via court if landlords and landowners don’t respond to installation requests within 35 days.

So I’m home and hosed, right?

Maybe. Fibre optic cable may not cover the entire distance from provider to your address. This matters because only full fibre to the premises (rather than fibre to the cabinet) has the bandwidth and speeds to support cloud computing. If you have data and applications stored on virtual platforms only FTTP gets you the agility and flexibility of these business systems.

Like everything in business, it all depends on your connections. And that’s us. We’re the UK business helping other UK businesses crate a complete end to end solution for all their communication and technology needs.

If you want to talk broadband, VoIP, telematics, 5G, cloud connectivity – or just ask for help with a problem, we’re right here.

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