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5 Considerations When Choosing Business Mobile Phones

When you need mobile phones for business, you may think it is as simple as going to a network retailer and buying a phone you like. But to really get the best mobile phone plans for your business, you should consider first what your business’ needs are.

Businesses rely on good communication, so it is worth selecting the best phone, plan, and options for the work you do. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing mobile phones for your business operations.

  1. How your business use phones

Before making any buying decisions you should be informed about how your business uses mobile communication. Ask yourself and your employees how they use their phones to determine which features and plan you will need.

Some questions which can help you understand your business calling needs are:

  • How often do you make calls? Do you need the phone during business hours? Evenings and weekends?
  • Where do you call? Are the calls local or do you make international calls too?
  • How often do employees use their phone to go online?
  1. Organisation

Each type of phone offers handy tools such as calendars, reminders, password keepers, and other features. Organizing the work day and keeping track of your employees is important. Choose a device that makes it easy to do so. Being able to sync your phone calendar to your business agenda or look up your password streamlines your day.

  1. Environment

Sales People who are often in cars or at meetings will require different handsets to that of a construction worker. Assessing whether all employees work in the same environment is crutial is assessing what your overall business needs are. It may be that certain groups of employees are better suited to certain handsets and others will need more robust models or those with a longer battery life.

  1. Cost

Budgeting communication costs may be an important concern, but the price tag needs to be weighed against the benefit to your business. Make sure your business has a phone service plan that fits its needs. Factor in the following,

  • Cost of the mobile phones
  • Monthly service fees
  • Cost of any additional fees
  1. Let someone help you

Finding the right solution can take time and effort. Whilst managing a busy business time is often not in abundance. It can therefore be wise to get help with selecting the right deals for your business. This is what our teams here at The Sprint Group specialise in. We will ask you the right questions to assess your business and can offer you advice and guidance on what deals will be best for your specific requirements.

If you would like some assistance with choosing the right business mobiles email us now.

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